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Cost Of Eyebrow Tattooing

Discover the magic of eyebrow tattooing: what's the price tag?

Microblading Technique creates hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning eyebrows. The goal is to have full brows without expensive brow pencils or gels. Many people can achieve full eyebrows with a pencil. However, if you prefer to spend less time in the morning or want fuller-looking brows without constant touch-ups, microblading may be a good option.

Microblading is a makeup technique that inserts pigments under the skin’s dermal layer to create natural-looking eyebrows. However, there are downsides and risks associated with microblading, as seen in some alarming accounts on the internet. For example, there was a case of a woman who ended up with four eyebrows after the treatment.

Many people support microblading and love the results. Some clients have been taken advantage of by businesses offering cheap services, while others have spent a fortune on treatments. Understanding the average price for high-quality semi-permanent eyebrow services is essential to avoid regret.
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It is important to note that semi-permanent eyebrow services should only be carried out by accredited professionals in the beauty industry. This is a crucial aspect to consider when seeking such services.

Before getting any permanent eyebrow treatment, ensure your brow technician is certified and qualified. If not, there can be significant visual and medical harm. Verify their expertise before making an appointment for microblading.

What is the average cost of microblading?

The price of eyebrow tattoo service can vary depending on your location and the artist’s experience. It typically costs $1,500 for the first treatment and can go up to $2,500 or more. The actual procedure may cost between $400 and $600, but additional costs may exist. Further appointments could add $150 to $180 to the total cost. It’s important to note that even though eyebrow tattoos are considered permanent cosmetics, the ink will fade over time.

After the initial treatment, you will need a touch-up session for eyebrow tattoo correction a few weeks later. During the first year or two, you will also need follow-up appointments. It is essential to know which charges are included and which are not if you consider getting your eyebrows tattooed. Some eyebrow tattooists may offer a free touch-up and consultation, while others may not. You should also know the total cost and frequency of the follow-up meetings.

Understanding the treatment and instructions is essential to maintain your beautiful eyebrows after getting a tattoo. You may need to dry your eyebrows for a week. Avoid washing your face and getting wet in the shower. Apply ointment to keep your brows healthy while they heal.

  • Eyebrow pencils are more affordable, ranging from $2.99 to $8.99. You won’t spend more than $50 annually if you manually fill in your eyebrows. Even if you use a pencil daily, you’ll only need a few pencils throughout the year.
  • The cost of a single permanent makeup procedure can vary from $55 to $850, depending on the type of makeup, the area of the body being tattooed, and the number of sessions needed.
  • Permanent makeup is typically not covered by health insurance as it is classified as a cosmetic procedure and not deemed medically necessary.
  • The average cost of permanent eyebrows is between $480 and $680 and usually requires two appointments for completion. For instance, the Permanent Makeup Clinic charges $450 for eyebrow tattooing, while SD Permanent Makeup ranges from $450 to $550.
  • The cost of full lip color with liner can vary from $650 to $850 and typically requires two to three appointments.
  • The cost of permanent eyeliner varies between $250 and $440 for the upper or lower eyeliner or between $480 and $680 for both. For example, the Tattoo Makeup Clinic charges $290 for the upper or lower eyelid and $490 for both.

Analysis and observations on the cost of eyebrow tattoos

Choosing between filling in eyebrows with a pencil or getting them cosmetic tattoo eyebrows is a matter of cost-effectiveness. Some people prefer eyebrow tattoos despite the potentially higher cost because it saves time and reduces worry about eyebrow appearance. If you opt for eyebrow tattoos, start saving money early and research a licensed eyebrow tattoo expert for the procedure.

To make an informed decision about microblading, seeking referrals from individuals who have undergone the procedure or consulting with a dermatologist is recommended. Evaluating the situation’s advantages and disadvantages will help you cosmetic tattoo specialist if it benefits you.


There is a difference between tattooed eyebrows and natural eyebrows. Tattooed eyebrows may not appear natural due to the modifications made to the brows.
Getting a tattoo on the eyebrows can be very painful. However, patients can usually use a numbing medication during the procedure.
When comparing eyebrow tattooing and microblading, the latter produces a more natural and subtle appearance with hair-like strokes that mimic the surrounding eyebrow hair growth pattern. This creates a more natural-looking eyebrow.
Microblading produces a more authentic outcome than eyebrow tattooing, as it mimics the natural growth pattern of the surrounding eyebrow hair, creating individual hair-like strokes. In contrast, eyebrow tattooing can result in brows that appear flat and “drawn on.”

Due to applying a topical anesthetic cream, most individuals report minimal pressure or discomfort and significantly less pain than a standard tattoo technique. However, the duration of the procedure, which can take up to two hours, may vary depending on personal pain tolerance. It is reasonable to expect some level of pain or discomfort.

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