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When Can I Wash My Face After Eyebrow Tattoo

What is the recommended time to wash your face after getting an eyebrow tattoo?

The eyebrow tattoo aftercare instructions must be followed precisely, using only the recommended goods for optimal healing. To enhance your new brows, schedule a touchup appointment within eight weeks to 1 month. Avoid moisture on eyebrows for a week.

Our Aftercare instructions have undergone eyebrow tattoo healing extensive examination, investigation, testing, and approval. Cosmetic tattoo procedures require proper care and attention during aftercare. Some incidents may occur, and it may take up to four weeks for the complete healing outcome. At that point, any additional enhancements can be made during touchup appointments.

Following these guidelines for the entire ten-day healing period is crucial to ensure proper healing and color preservation. Results may vary for each individual, and we cannot guarantee how you will heal. Cosmetic tattoos usually take four to six weeks to heal. If any colors in your tattoo fade or you want more definition, you can get a touch-up now.

Once the numbness fades away, you may experience tenderness in the inked area and the neighboring skin. Experience a touch of redness and a hint of swelling on the day of your procedure, but fear not; these temporary effects will vanish within 24-48 hours like a fleeting summer breeze. If any discomfort persists, it is recommended that Tylenol be used instead of aspirin or ibuprofen due to their potential blood-thinning effects.

Improving takes time, so be patient. Your brows will change and grow differently every day. This is normal.

Experience instant results on the first or even the same day of treatment

  • For optimal results eyebrow tattooing, it’s best to steer clear of caffeinated or boozy drinks for the next twenty-four hours.
  • Refresh your eyebrow tattoos every thirty minutes by delicately wiping excess lymph and fluid with soft, clean tissue.
  • Treat new and flawless eyebrow tattoos with the utmost care by delicately cleansing them using a sterile cotton pad and refreshing water wipes before slumber, followed by a gentle pat dry using a new tissue.
  • It is recommended to avoid applying cosmetics or skincare around the brow tattoo for two weeks.
  • Avoid using skincare products that contain retinol, AHA, or agents with vitamins A, C, or E.
  • Please refrain from engaging in intense physical activity or activities that may cause excessive sweating for the next five days.
  • Sleeping on your back is considered the healthiest position for two weeks.
  • When showering, it is recommended to maintain a cool water temperature while still following your usual shower and shampoo routine.
  • To prevent any issues, it is recommended to dry off the eyebrow tattoos with a dry tissue as soon as possible when they become moist for two weeks.
  • Please avoid applying makeup on or around the areas of the eyebrow tattoo for five days.
  • Keep those grubby paws off your fabulous eyebrow tattoos.
  • As your stunning eyebrow tattoos heal, watch in awe as their size gracefully diminishes, leaving you with no worries or concerns.

Days 2-5: Following an eyebrow tattoo treatment

  • For brow tattoos that stay as fresh and fabulous as ever, treat them to a refreshing rinse twice daily with a fantastic splash of water and a gentle touch. Afterward, gently pat them dry with a clean tissue.
  • It is essential to avoid scratching, peeling, or pulling the scab or skin off your eyebrow tattoos if scabbing has started, as it can result in loss of pigments from the delicate new skin surface.
  • If the areas around the eyebrow tattoos become dry or itchy, a small amount of pantheon, the size of a rice grain, can be applied to each brow tattoo. It is important to avoid applying too much oil or cream to the areas. Bepanthen should only be used on dry skin.
  • Consider putting cream, oil, or ointment on your precious eyebrow tattoos if you have a prescription.
  • Your eyebrow tattoos may appear darker on the second day after treatment, but there is no need to worry, as the healing process will cause some fading of the cosmetic tattoo pigment’s color.

Starting from day 6, following the procedure of getting an eyebrow tattoo, there are specific treatments to be followed

  • Please follow the instructions provided.
  • It is essential to schedule your touchup appointment with your Artist as soon as possible, as the second session is crucial in completing your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure and achieving the desired results.
  • It is important to anticipate that brow tattoos may not fully heal after the initial session. The process usually involves two steps, but additional steps may be required. Please be aware that this process will require some time.
  • Embrace the transformative journey of your eyebrows as they gracefully evolve and reveal their unique beauty during the enchanting two-week healing process.
  • This is a normal part of the healing process.
  • After your surgery, you will notice immediate changes in your eyebrows. They will appear darker and more defined, and these effects will last for about two weeks. It is usual for your brow tattoo to make your eyebrows seem more reliable, with the hair strokes appearing to fade and a moist, painted-on appearance.
  • Between days 4 and 5, you may witness the intriguing phenomenon of scabbing, accompanied by the emergence of dry and flaky eyebrows.
  • It is crucial not to pick at the scabs and allow them to fall off naturally. Removing the scabs too early could lead to the loss of hair strokes and result in patchiness in the eyebrows.
  • The healing process for a brow tattoo typically takes less than eight weeks. As the tattoo heals, a delicate process occurs where a fresh layer of skin envelops the artwork, transforming the once sharp hair strokes into a softer and more ethereal vision once the scabs gracefully depart. With a few weeks of patience, the hair strokes become more noticeable.
  • During the healing process in the dermal layer, it is common for eyebrows to itch for up to two months, starting around the first ten days.
  • Depending on skin type and tendency to bleed, individuals may experience different results when healing their hair stroke brows.
  • Depending on your skin type, the hair strokes from the microblading procedure can range from soft and powdery to sharp and defined. Individuals who bleed more might need extra touchups because tattooing can push out the pigment.

After the operation, there will be a noticeable improvement in the definition of your brows. This is a typical result of a permanent makeup application, which usually takes three to thirty days to complete.

After tinting your brows, they will appear 20 to 40% darker for the first few days. You may experience mild swelling. Within a week, the top layers of your skin will shed, changing your skin color. Over the first month, the brows will continue to darken.

During the third day, you may experience some discomfort in your eyebrows. It is essential to resist the urge to scratch or pick at them. The final results will become evident after 30-40 days. It is usual for specific areas to fade faster than others, as this is a natural part of the healing process. Any necessary touchups will be addressed at your scheduled visit with Face & Brows.

Drugs for the thyroid and anxiety can interfere with permanent makeup. They can reduce pigment retention or shift it to an undesired tone. These medications include antacids and thyroid pills. Everything we consume has its chemical structure. Unattached electrons can combine with other compounds in the body, creating new molecules with different colors. Informed clients may have more realistic expectations and understand that they need more frequent adjustments.

Because the area around the eye is sensitive, you may experience swelling or redness. It is advisable to avoid social events for a few days. Avoiding these procedures at least one month before important events like weddings is also recommended, as some treatments may take longer than expected.

The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the condition of your skin. Mature patients may need an extra one to two weeks for healing before seeing optimal results. Proper skincare and sun protection can enhance the longevity and outcomes of permanent cosmetic surgery.

Extended Care

  • Applying high-quality sunscreen minimizes the visibility of your cosmetic eyeliner tattoo when sun exposure is recommended.
  • Before you zap, peel, or scan, spill the beans to your technician about your fabulous permanent cosmetics! Laser light therapy can lighten, darken, or distort the pigment.
  • Say goodbye to your perfectly applied permanent eyebrow makeup if you’re a fan of retinol or any other skin exfoliation treatment on your forehead.
  • Beware! The vibrant colors of your eyebrow tattoos may fade prematurely if you dare to dabble with chemical peels and acid peels on your forehead.


During the first magical week after your procedure, keep your eyebrow area dry and free from water, lotion, soap, or makeup. When you cleanse your beautiful face, take extra care around those fabulous brows and ensure that no water touches the meticulously treated area. Protect your precious face from the shower’s onslaught by leaning back or indulging in a luxurious bath.
After your procedure, you will receive an aftercare kit containing cotton pads, water wipes, and aftercare ointment. Pamper your brows when you return to your sanctuary by delicately cleansing them with soft cotton pads and refreshing water. Effortlessly sweep away any lingering fluid build-up (lymph) on your brows with gentle strokes.
To ensure optimal healing and prevent any potential complications, it is crucial to refrain from getting your eyebrows wet during the healing and scabbing process. Water can cause the pigment to fade and prevent the microblading from being adequately retained in the skin.
Protect your beautiful brows from water damage during your shower with a stylish and practical plastic sun visor or a trendy peaked cap. Waterproof peaked caps are effective. Keep your lid looking fresh and dry by shielding everything except the peak with a stylish shower cap, especially if it’s not waterproof. Another option is to use goggles or a snorkeling mask.

To prevent getting your eyebrows wet, it is advised to refrain from washing your hair for at least three days after the treatment. After that, it is essential to exercise caution to avoid contact with water.

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