Is LED safe? 

YES! It has been proven in numerous studies that Far Red to Near- Infrared (670nm) LED photo rejuvenation does not harm the human body. The energy delivered is safe for all skin types.


How long before I will see results? 

You should be able to notice a healthy glow after the first few treatments.


How many treatments will I need?

We recommend between 8 to 12 treatments for best results. We also recommend to have these treatments close together to get optimal results.


Will my skin feel different?

After your first treatment your skin will feel healthier and firmer. Due to the increase of circulation, you will notice better hydration, softening of the lines, firmness and a much healthier glow.


Will the results last?

We find results lasting from anywhere between 6 -12 months. We recommend a course every year for optimum results.


Are there any side effects?

LED is 100% safe, all skins and all conditions.

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Single Treatment$99
Add to any Facial$60
Add to Dermabrasion$50
Course of 6 Treatments$495