Laser Aesthetic uses medical grade Co2 laser machine for Ablative treatments.

The fractional laser skin resurfacing applies micro-fractional ablative technology.
The CO2 laser at 10600 nm provides microscopic dots of almost 300 µmdiameter. The beam is delivered to the skin through a state-of-the-art scanner device (with versatile scan size, shape and dot/micro spot density) with a special scanning pattern generator to reduce the risk of extra heat on the treated area.

Non Ablative Fractional skin resurfacing using a 1540 nm erbium glass laser.

This wavelength easily penetrates into the skin down to 1,5 mm and thanks to the balanced absorption by water,
it stimulates the skin layers at different temperature grades. By mean of the special lens array,
Matisse produces thousands of micro-columns with a high level of thermal heating and coagulation and an evenly low level thermal stimulation.

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